Blue is a female Velociraptor that appears in Jurassic World and in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. She is the Beta to her three sisters that live along side her. Her Alpha is Owen Brady who imprinted on her when she was just a baby.

Blue has an interesting personality due to her imprint from her Alpha. Instead of being a viscious carnivor like most velocirpators are, Blue shows affection and loyalty. She is a very intelligent and quite cunning compared to her sisters. Blue is also able to express emotions such as empathy and pain especially when she sees her alpha in danger.

We were first introduced to Blue in Jurassic World were Owen Brady was doing a training exercise with a pig getting the raptors to follow his command. Blue was able to get her sisters to stop and listen especially after Owen had to enter the pen to save an employee who fell. Blue is seen again when her along with her sisters are used to track in the Indominus Rex. Unfortunatly, since the Indominus Rex had raptor DNA, she did turn on her Alpha and attacked the men that was with him. However, with a whistle, Blue was able to chase after her old Alpha without killing anyone else.

When Owen, Clair, and her two nephews arrive outside, they are stopped by the remaining Velociraptors including Blue. It takes a bit of talking, but Blue decides that Owen is her Alpha and the one she is suppose to protect. Blue is able to protect the humans from the Indominus Rex with the help of the Tyrannisaurs Rex. Once that dinosaur is defeated, she races off instead of staying with Owen.

I will eventually add more about Blue especially her parts in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. For now, this was just a brief summary of the important scenes including Blue.

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There is an interesting story on why this site became a thing. After playing ARK on steam and finally able to watch Jurrasic World, I fell in love with the raptor named Blue. I loved how she was gentle with Owen and gave him the respect as her alpha. While the orginal Jurrasic Park raptors are ones that I do not like, I have made an exception for Blue.

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